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Image by Alexey Ruban

Music Matters

Music creates an immediate emotional response, it can change your mood, influence your actions and add depth to an experience.

But often music and sound are an afterthought for digital projects. As a creative you might spend months on a film or motion project only to soundtrack it with stock or AI generated music that lacks synergy and is detached from what you’re trying to communicate. Maybe you didn’t have access to another option, or perhaps you just didn’t have the time to think about it.


That's where Lions of Dissent can help.


With over 20 years experience in the music industry we have enjoyed many highlights, including regular plays on BBC radio, major festival appearances, sell out gigs and high profile supports, domestic and international critical acclaim and thousands of streams and views of our self-produced music and videos.


We can work with you to create original, bespoke and human-crafted audio which will enhance your creative project and engage your audience on a much deeper level.



Image: Chris Close

Did you know hearing is the fastest human sense?

We react to a new sound at least ten times faster than we respond to something we spot from the corner of our eye. Our brains process sound through more subliminal processes than conscious thought. Our subconscious reaction to sound is 86% responsible for our decision to engage (or avoid) an associated experience.

Recent studies have found that although AI generated music might help to accelerate the production process, it lacks the emotional richness inherent in human creativity. Human compositions will always outperform AI on the emotional front, generating more appeal for your product or service.

Need help creating music or branded audio for a film, showreel or advert?

Get in touch and find out how we can support your project with original, bespoke and human-crafted audio. 

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